Monday, May 4, 2009

Esther Kwan returns to TVB

Nick Cheung Ka Fai, the husband of Esther Kwan, recently revealed that the filming for his new TVB series, Heaven and Earth will be postponed due to scheduling conflict. Heaven and Earth will see Nick collaborating with TVB big names including Charmaine Sheh, Bowie Lam and Moses Chan.

Nick Cheung Esther Kwan
Nick Cheung and Esther Kwan with their baby daughter in this undated photo

Nick's absence will definitely be missed, but we will instead get to see an Esther series. At the personal invitation from the series producer, Leong Ka Shu, Esther agrees to return and film a new series for TVB, tentatively titled Five Tastes of Life. Esther will be working with 2008 Best Actress, Michelle Yim and Roger Kwok.

Esther has already been briefed about the details for the filming of the new series. The series is reported to be a pre-modern one and will start filming during summer. Esther is happy with the filming arrangements as she is not required to travel to another place to film.

As Esther will be busy with the filming, Nick would assume the duties of a babysitter to their daughter. Esther worries that Nick will over pamper their daughter when she is not around to supervise. Esther explains, "Sometimes I will just ignore her until she stops crying. I have talked to him asked him not to talk on the phone or SMS too much that he would have neglected their little girl."

Roger, who is currently in China filming a series, says he is excited to be working with Esther. "I have started watching Esther's series since I was young!" says Roger.

Source: Ming Pao with translations by choccho @

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