Monday, April 20, 2009

Raymond Lam endorses Malaysian coffee brand

Raymond Lam Fung visited Malaysia to promote local coffee brand, Alicafe, which he recently signed on as ambassador. At the press conference, reporters were interested in the amount that Raymond will be pocketing and asked him about it. The question caught Raymond by surprise causing his to spit out the coffee he was drinking mid-way. Raymond did not answer the question but instead looked over at the boss and gave him a smile. This led the reporters present to conclude that Raymond's endorsement sum is satisfactory and is rumoured to be around 7 figures.

Raymond Lam Alicafe malaysia

Raymond will be having his first solo concert this year in June at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Raymond shares that the costumes for his concert are being prepared and they have elements of sexiness in them. Reporters asked if rumoured girlfriend, Linda Chung will be an invited guest at his concert but Raymond ignored the question. All he would reveal is that he will choose artistes that he has not collaborated with previously who are also his close friends.

Aside from planning his first solo concert, Raymond will also be heading to Shenzhen to film a 30-episode drama series and is working hard on this third album.

Source: Mingpao with translations by aZnangel @

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