Friday, March 20, 2009

Myolie Wu plays a con artist

Myolie WuMyolie Wu

In the new TVB drama, The Truth Father of Him (Unofficial Title), Myolie Wu plays a con artist whose main targets are rich, old men. She is constantly in disguise, portraying different character such as a maid, a private nurse, a secretary among others. The series is set in the 50s / 60s, so the production set, hairstyle, and costume has to look like those seen during those years.

Myolie loves the make-up and hairstyle during that period of time, "I do like the make-up and hairstyles during that period of time, especially the exaggerating make-up around the eyes. Not long ago, I found an experienced make-up artist to do this make-up on me, and this make-up artist had gone through that period before, thus he/she especially understood the essence of this kind of make-up."

Acting in period dramas is not something new for Myolie. She was seen in another series set around the same period of time, Scavenger's Paradise, alongside Roger Kwok. With the experience from Scavenger's Paradise, Myolie is more confident, "When I was filming Scavenger's Paradise, I did some research on the Cantonese operas to learn more about the way they speak back then. With prior experience from the previous drama, acting it again this time round is much easier."

Credits:, TVB News World, Scans by Ron Station

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