Monday, January 12, 2009

Linda Chung will take a 3-week break

Linda Chung

As Chinese New Year is only a couple of weeks away, Linda Chung attended an opening ceremony where the theme is centered around Lunar New Year. She had to demonstrate her skills at Chinese Calligraphy, arranging peach blossoms and beating Chinese drums.

Linda Chung

Linda shared that she has already applied for vacation leave from TVB so that she could return to Canada and spend the holidays with her family. "Since I entered the industry four years ago, I have not been home to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family," Linda said. She also denied that she will bring her boyfriend home and clarified that the earlier photos of a man published in the press was merely that of a friend. She, however, admits that occasionally her mother does pressure her to get hitched.

Linda Chung

Linda was asked if she was worried about competition from Kate Tsui who will be venturing into the music industry. Linda replied, "I have not thought about whether this is competition or not, it's against my personality to contend. Singing and filming dramas are already demanding, if I care about things like this, it will be even harder. It's better to use time to do my own part well and also practice singing."

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