Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fala Chen's likeness is Master Q's love interest

Fala Chen, star of TVB drama series Moonlight Resonance, will be attending a Master Q comic event later today. She will have the chance to meet with Master Q creator, Alfonso Wong.

Fala Chen

Alfonso had earlier drew a character based on Fala. The drawing of the character was very detailed. She has beautiful hips and long legs. However, the main character, Master Q, was drawn with less expressions if compared to the drawing of Fala's character.

Fala had the chance to see the drawing and was extremely satisfied. She smiled and said that it was an honour to be Master Q's girlfriend. She also wished for a doll of that character. Fala likes Master Q's jovial personality and said that he is definitely a good boyfriend material.

Source: Oriental Daily with translations by aZnangel @

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