Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kate Tsui and Matthew Ko will focus on their career

Kate Tsui and Matthew Ko

Kate Tsui and Matthew Ko, who both starred in Steps, shares a sibling-like relationship. Kate treats Matthew like her brother and vice versa. They were previously rumoured to be dating, but both brushed the rumour off! Both reiterates that their main focus is now on their careers.

Kate Tsui and Matthew Ko

Kate shares that she has not bought any peach blossoms to boost her audience fate. As for whether she would buy any peach blossom to boost her marriage fate, Kate says "there is already enough to worry about at work, actually marriage can be taken slowly. But honestly, I wouldn't deliberately deny dating someone. If it's the truth that I met a person that I really like, but still say that I don't. But, I believe in the near future, I won't be getting married, so I won't be wasting my time to think about that stuff. Right now my Mr. Right hasn't appeared yet, during this time, my career comes first. My heart isn't ready yet!"

Matthew and Kate shares the same objective, they would both focus on the many job opportunities given to them by TVB. Matthew says, "I really didn't know that Blossoms were used to help boost audience and marriage fate. So I never brought any, but I'm not in a rush date. I'm still young now, I hope to set a foundation for my career first. Other things I won't be thinking about right now."

Kate Tsui and Matthew Ko

Both Kate and Matthew share that since venturing into the entertainment industry, they value family time more than ever. They will be home for reunion with their respective families once they have finished their work.

Source: Oriental Daily, The Sun with translations by aZnangel @

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