Saturday, December 27, 2008

Superwoman Ada Choi saves Kenny Wong

Ada Choi and Kenny Wong were filming new TVB drama Superwoman at TVB City in Tseung Kwan O. The scene revolves around Kenny who is a police officer who was shocked to see something falling from above. Upon seeing Kenny in danger, Ada who is Wonder Woman, leaped to his defense.

Ada Choi Kenny Wong Superwoman TVB

Although Ada had stunt double to perform stunts, she still felt that this series is the most demanding she has ever filmed. Ada explained, "I play a flying wonder woman, lots of times I have to do midair stunts and fly around. Although there is a body double to help me, there are many scenes that I have to personally do. I think from now on I have to do wire stunts three, four times a week."

Ada Choi Kenny Wong Superwoman TVB

Ada's husband, Max Zhang, shared some pointers with her on how to move around in the air. However, after watching her body double perform a series of stunts, she knows it's not easy. Ada shared that being an actress is comfortable as "all the actions are tried out first by martial arts choreographer and stuntmen to ensure safety." Ada explained that Superwoman is a comedy series and she was drawn to the script. Ada hopes that after The Gem of Life, Superwoman will give viewers some freshness.

Source: On.CC with translations by travelbug @


Anonymous said...

OMG! Are they really putting in, in the flying and stuff? I thought that was just the sales presentations? haha. Can't wait. :D

admin said...

Yes I think so. Really similar to the movie, My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Hehe

lizzy said...

Wow looks very cool :D I can't wait to watch, I hope that the series has a got storyline, I enjoyed the clip in Sales Presentation.

Anyways, Merry Christmas, Wendy!!