Friday, December 26, 2008

Moses Chan and Ada Choi showed off their vocal skills

Ada Choi and Moses Chan attended a Christmas Catwalk Function. They played games with the audience and even selected children to join them on stage. Moses chose a little girl who had western look and prompted the host to comment, "Moses Chan likes part western girls." Ada and Moses also showed off their vocal skills by performing a duet. Ada was rewarded with kisses from the group of children.

Ada Choi Superwoman TVB

Reporters quickly asked Ada if she felt any urge to have children in which she denied. Ada said that having children around during Christmas make the atmosphere very warm and lively. She reiterates that she doesn't plan to have any children for at least two years. Work is still her primary focus, also childbearing will affect her health. As she is currently filming Superwoman, she lacks sleep and this is not the time to think about having children. Once her health improves, she will think about it.

Ada Choi Superwoman TVB

Although Moses showed off his vocal skills, he emphasised that he has no wish of becoming a singer. Moses, who sang the sub theme for The Gem of Life said he is an actor who loves to sing. He has no wish of releasing an album and will stick to singing drama themes.

Source: Mingpao,, Takungpao with translations by aZnangel @

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