Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Grand Entrepreneur Constume Fitting

The Grand Entrepreneur TVB
Ray Lui, Jamie Chik, Kenix Kwok, Nancy Sit, Anita Yuen and Gallen Lo attended the costume fitting for anticipated new TVB series, The Grand Entrepreneur (unofficial title). Ray Lui and Jamie Chik (Michael Miu's wife) previously collaborated back in 1985 in Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain. Their reunion for this new series is eagerly awaited by fans.
The Grand Entrepreneur TVB
Although Ray Lui has not filmed for TVB for more than a decade, he had successfully maintained his appearance and body well. Ray shares some health tips, "You operate your own health. If you want health then you shouldn't have a night life. Sleep early and wake up early, don't drink too much alcohol. I have been practicing Qigong and boxing. As for a happy family you also need to operate it." Ray refused to divulged how much he will be taking home for this drama, merely saying that he "doesn't care about the earnings as it is not important."
Ray Lui Jamie Chik Gallen Lo The Grand Entrepreneur
Jamie shared that her earnings for this new series "involves the word happy." She also mentioned that she is excited to be involved in this production.
Kenix Kwok Ray Lui The Grand Entrepreneur
Kenix Kwok assured everyone that she has always been in contact with TVB. Previously, there were reports that Kenix's relationship with TVB is not good but Kenix said everyone was just too sensitive over the issue. She said she was attracted to the script of this new drama as well as the extensive cast. "It's a rare opportunity to be able to work with Ray Lui and Jamie Chik. It's very fresh," she said.
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