Monday, November 24, 2008

Salt Traders and Pages of Treasure to air soon

Tavia Yeung's and Wayne Lai's win at the TVB Anniversary Awards were hailed as "deserving" by many fans, netizens and drama viewers. It was reported that TVB executives met and decide to capitalise on their wins and current popularity. Initially, The Greatness of a Hero was supposed to air after When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West, but it seems there is now a chance in scheduling.

Riding on Tavia and Wayne's popularity, TVB has not postpone the screening of The Greatness of a Hero and replaced it with Tavia's Salt Traders and Wayne's Pages of Treasure! These two dramas is scheduled to take over the timeslot of When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West.

Tavia Yeung and Steven Ma
Tavia Yeung will appear opposite Steven Ma in Salt Traders

TVB is reportedly giving Tavia and Wayne more opportunities. Tavia will film 2 dramas next year, including the much hyped up Palace Scheme alongside Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh. She will be taking on a villainous role. Wayne, on the other hand, will get his leading role in Rouge Merchant alongside Shereen Tang, Kiki Sheung, Rong Ng and Elliot Yue.

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nikkie said...

Wayne has been playing second fiddle for so long. It's about time he gets recognition for all his hard work!

nich said...

I hope so too. I recently re-watch Safe Guards and his performance there was nothing short of brilliant!