Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ada Choi a 100% cook

Ada Choi recently recorded an episode of Starry Kitchen. During the taping of the episode, Ada had to demonstrate how to fry eggs with tomato. The Gem of Life star revealed that she learned to cook when she was 8, as such she doesn't have any problems preparing a meal. Mr Chow, the chef said that it is not suitable for 8-year olds to be learning cooking in the kitchen. Ada disagreed, saying that once she acquired the skills, they belong to her. Ada shared that she seldom cook nowadays as she is busy with work, but assures us that her cooking skills are 100%!

Ada Choi Starry Kitchen

Ada, who recently tied the knot with China actor, Max Zhang Jin, explained that she is still not a 100% wife! She said she needs to spend more time and be more patient with him. Ada shared that her friends complimented her acting skills in the Gem of Life. She also shared that she has more jobs now thanks to the popularity of the drama series.

Source: Wenweipo with translations by

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