Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Raymond Lam walked the streets of Causeway Bay

Raymond Lam and Ha Yu are the two leading nominees for Best Actor for this year's TVB Anniversary Awards. Raymond has stated numerous times that he has has confidence and expressed his desire to win the award. Raymond was spotted "campaigning" for votes on the packed streets of Causeway Bay. He was mobbed by fans especially school girls who wanted his autographs as well as photos with him.

Raymond Lam at Causeway Bay

Raymond was seen entering a few game shops where he reportedly placed an order for an Iron Man figurine which costs HKD 1,000. While signing autographs, Raymond was spotted by a mother who quickly trusted her son into Raymond's arms for photographs. The said mother also praised Raymond, saying that "he is the Best Actor in her opinion". Raymond was happy to hear that.

Raymond Lam at Causeway Bay

Raymond then head towards Sogo where he was again mobbed by students. By this time, a crowd has gathered and Sogo's security guards moved in to disperse the crowd. Raymond kept moving to avoid a gathering crowd but tried his best to fulfill fans' requests.

Raymond Lam at Causeway Bay

Later on, raymond went to Admiralty's Pacific Place to try on his suit for TVB Anniversary Awards Night. Raymond tried on two suits and then left the shop with a satisfied smile.

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