Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nancy Wu and Sharon Chan: Competitors turned Friends

Who would have guessed? In the course of competing for Best Supporting Actress and Most Improved Female Artist, Sharon Chan and Nancy Wu developed a strong friendship out of it. These two beautiful ladies are also good friends with Tavia Yeung, the leading contender in both categories.

Nancy Wu and Sharon Chan

Nancy expressed that she has more confidence in winning the Most Improved Female Artist Award because there are four strong nominees from Moonlight Resonance in Best Supporting Actress category. Nancy said, "Actually, I quite hope that Tavia gets the Best Supporting award, so I ask her to give way for me to win Most Improved as she has won it before."

Sharon Chan said that in her opinion, Tavia should have been nominated for best Actress but only made it for Best Supporting Actress and Most Improved Female Artist. However, Sharon doesn't pity Tavia because "Best Supporting award will definitely be hers, because she really did very well. In contrast, if she was nominated in Best Actress, her chance of winning is slimmer, because there is Hor Ma (Lee Si Kei)." Sharon thinks that Tavia doesn't mind because Tavia has won the approval and support of netizens and viewers, which Sharon says is more valuable than winning any awards. Sharon also joked that since Tavia had won the Most Improved Female Artist Award before, Tavia should "give" the award to those who has not won any awards before. Sharon adds, "Of course if she (Tavia) wins Most Improved, I will be happy too, because off-screen, we are very good friends."

Source: Mingpao with translations by Akazukin @

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