Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ada Choi plans to electrify Moses Chan

Ada Choi has collaborated in 3 drama series with Moses Chan - Where the Legend Begins, Dance of Passion and The Gem of Life. They will soon be working together in their fourth collaboration, Superwoman (unofficial title).

Ada Choi Moses Chan Superwoman TVB

Talking about their collaboration in The Gem of Life, Ada said most scenes that has Moses and her are those of them arguing. Ada plays Jessica Hong, the wife of Moses's father. Ada is full of praise of Moses, saying she admires his acting skills and also revealed that they are best of friends off-screen.

Ada Choi The Gem of Life TVB

Ada assures fans that Moses will play her love interest in Superwoman. Even though she is already married (to China actor, Max Zhang Jin) she will still do her best to electrify Moses and create sparks for filming of Superwoman.

Moses Chan The Gem of Life TVB

During this interview, Moses and Ada had to pose intimately. Moses complimented Ada for being a good actress as she never feared intimacy when filming. He also said Ada is a kind hearted and sincere person who is always willing to help others. Moses also revealed that he feels comfortable talking to Ada about anything and everything.

Source: Mingpao with translations by mv_288 @

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