Friday, October 10, 2008

Kevin Cheng needs to start saving

Kevin Cheng at Metro City

Kevin Cheng revealed that he recently lost a 7 figure sum during an interview at Metro City. He lost the money through shares due to the recent economy crises. Kevin explained that he bought the shares earlier but he was so busy that he did not pay attention to the share market. "I didn't hear from Dodo to sell them quickly. I have now changed the remaining shares into my mom's name. They would stay there for 10 years as my retirement funds," added Kevin.

Kevin had the intention to use the shares as an investment to purchase properties, but looks like Kevin's got to start to save all over again. When asked if he is interested to buy more shares now since the share prices has dropped, Kevin said, "I don't know if I would. I have to concentrate to earn more money now. To be honest, between shares and property, I would rather invest in property."

Original Translation: dragon888@AsianVN

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