Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Roger Kwok named his biggest challenger

Roger Kwok, the star of Last One Standing, was at Olympic City recently for "Baby Impact 100% Fun Fun Show". Reporters were quick to quiz him about the upcoming TVB Awards. He shared that the list of nominees will be out soon. Roger is quite sure that he is one of the nominees for Best Actor, but is also wary of the challenge from Raymond Lam, whom he named "the strongest contestant".

Roger Kwok Last One Standing TVB

Roger said, "Raymond has done well this year, in particular in Moonlight Resonance and The Four. The ratings has been high."

Reporters asked Roger if he mind letting the younger artists win this year as he had won the award before, he replied, "It is not up to me to say. I was given the chance to compete this year. It is up to TVB. If I get it, I would be honored."

Source: MingPao
Original Translation: dragon888 @ AsianVN

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