Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Raymond Lam intends to buy a house

Raymond Lam Your Love Album Promo

Raymond Lam attended a function at The Sun Arcade to promote his latest album, Your Love. About 100 fans turn up for the event, where Raymond belted his songs from the album. The fans were holding banners to express their support, some even gave Raymond sunflowers. Moonlight Resonance has been doing well and achieved good ratings. There were reports that Raymond is in competition with Moses Chan and Ha Yu for the prestigious TV King award. Raymond clarified, "It’s not the anniversary time yet, it’s too early to say. MR is very popular but this year many senior actors also released their series, Gallen Lo and Bobby Au Yeung also have a great chances of winning."

Raymond Lam Your Love Album Promo

Raymond said he hopes to be in the top 5 or perhaps winning the award. He said MR is doing well and he has reap many benefits in the form of increased jobs.

Responding to rumours that MR will sweep most awards at this years award show, Raymond is quick to say, "Don’t judge it so quickly. When a series is in the spotlight, how the actors have portrayed themselves is subjective." Raymond was asked who he thinks will walk away with the TV Queen award, he said "LSK, Michelle and Lee Heung Kam have all displayed their skills, but I should also support Tavia who was in the same year’s acting class with me. The response had been very good, her acting has been very solid, in the past I’ve had the best chemistry while working with her."

Raymond Lam Your Love Album PromoDude, where's your socks?!?!

Raymond also shared that he will use his money to buy a house. He said the house is is looking for doesn't need to be too big but has good value. He is currently living with his family but they are always not in Hong Kong. "I practically live there by myself," he said.

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