Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Raymond Lam attends another meet and greet

Raymond Lam is indeed one busy man. Don't believe me? Well, this man just had a meet and greet session a few days back and he is reported to have attended another one! This time the focus is for fans to take photographs with him. Both events are part of the promotion campaign for his new album.

Raymond Lam

Approximately 100 fans attended this second meet and greet session, in which they also get to play games with Raymond. Raymond, being a gentleman, conceded a table tennis match to a female fan.

Raymond lamented that after organising 2 meet and greet session, with one focus on shaking hands and the other on taking photographs, he doesn't know what other types of meet and greet he can organise in the future. A reporter suggested that Raymond organise one that focus on "kissing". but Raymond was quick to shut that idea down. I don't know about Raymond, but I definitely don't want to have saliva all over me. *wink*

Raymond revealed that his new album is scheduled for release in September, there will be a duet as well as a fast tempo song. Raymond was asked if he has plans to hold a concert, however, Raymond says as he currently only have 2 abums he need to save some songs first before having his own concert. He also needs time to reherse dance moves if he plan to have a concert.

Credits: Wenweipo (news), Apple, on.cc, Oriental Daily, Mingpao, Singtao, Takungpao (photos), kat @ RaymondLam.org
News Source: Wenweipo

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