Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Needing You / 分分钟需要你 Video

Remember the touching scene in Episode 14 of Moonlight Resonance when Hing break off with Kelvin and Jo Bao saw her at the pier? Hing was crying and Jo Bao decided to put on a mask and cheer her up.

Well, I recently stumble upon a classic video of an old movie which has the exact same scene. I'm pretty sure MR got the idea from this old video as well. Take a look at the two videos.

This is from Silent Love, released in 1986 and
stars Lau Ching Wan and Season Ma

This is the Jo Bao and Hing scene from MR.

Many netizens are expressing opposing point of views, some say that it's alright to imitate, some are against it.

As for me, I think it's great that classic movies serve as an inspiration to today's producers/directors. If it wasn't for this scene in MR, many youngsters (including me) would not know about this video from Silent Love. And now that I know that Silent Love was such a great movie, I'm going to hunt down the DVD. So let's look at this on the positive side. Like it was said,"Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery"!


nikkie said...

I lurve the first video!! Classic!

ZH said...

well, the sign language in both shows are quite different. why is that?

KTVB said...

Hey that's pretty cool ^^ I didn't' know they used the idea off another movie =)

Thanks for sharing!

admin said...

zh: I'm not sure why it's different. Does any readers here know that can enlighten us?

KTVB: I was surfing around looking for MR stuff then I saw that. I love both videos!