Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nancy Sit denies being on bad terms with Lee Si Kei

A long time ago, when Nancy Sit and Lee Si Kei were working together for A Kindred Spirit, there were many rumours and reports claiming that both these veterans do not get along. But Nancy Sit quashed the rumours and told reporters that she has just interviewed Lee Si Kei for her radio show last Friday. Everything is well between them.

Nancy said that Lee Si Kei and her share many similarities, both of them had faced unfortunate events which has made them stronger after surviving the incidences.

Both Lee Si Kei and Nancy will be vying for this year's TV Queen award. Lee Si Kei displays a brilliant performance for Moonlight Resonance while Nancy is banking on her role in The Silver Chamber of Sorrows. Nancy also shared that she will only film one series per year and never thought about winning awards.

When asked who does she think deserves to win this year, Nancy revealed a few names - Michelle Yim, Lee Si Kei, Susanna Kwan. She also praised Christine Ng, her co star in The Silver Chamber of Sorrows, for her good performance.

Nancy Sit and Susanna KwanNancy Sit and Susanna Kwan

Yesterday, the guest for Nancy's radio show was Lee Si Kei's Moonlight Resonance co-star, Susanna Kwan. Reporters also asked Susanna who she thinks will win the TV Queen award this year and Susanna said she will not be supporting anyone in particular as long as the series is good. She adds that she thinks Nancy Sit, Lee Si Kei, Michelle Yim and Ha Yu stand a good chance of winning this year.

Source: Mingpao
Original Translation: kingkongit27 @ AsianEU


Cymbellynne said...

Since when do stars actually openly admit that they have problems with one another? =P

Anonymous said...

Oh Susanna looks good with her hair like this. Shaved years off!