Monday, September 15, 2008

Fala Chen is without a date for this year's Mid-Autumn Festival

Fala Chen at Mid-Autum FestivalFala Chen attended a Mid-Autumn Festival celebration and admitted that she does not have a date for this year's celebration. Fala told reporters that she had been working hard every mid-autumn festival since coming to Hong Kong. She hoped that her parents would come and join her in celebrating as she sometimes felt lonely.

Fala's latest series being aired is Moonlight Resonance which revolves around a broken family and their mooncake business. Fala plays a mute girl and was praised by viewers for her acting, which many claimed has improved by heaps and bounds.

Fala said she will do her best in all the roles she played without thinking about awards. She mentioned that she won the Best Supporting actress award last year and she was happy. She hasn't think about this year's awards.

Original Translation:dragon888 @ AsianVN

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Nikkie said...

Fala has improved a lot in MR. It's wonderful to see her portray Hing.