Monday, October 10, 2011

Forensic Heroes 3

Forensic heroes 3 TVB Drama Astro on Demand

Wayne Lai as Po Kwok Tung, Pro Sir
Maggie Cheung as Mandy Chung
Kate Tsui as Ling Sin Yee
Ron Ng as Lee Chin Fung, Wind
Aimee Chan as Angel Chiang
Edwin Siu as Ken Ho
Nancy Wu
Ruco Chan
Ram Tseung
Mary Hon
Yuen Wah

Total Episodes: 30 episodes
Aired Dates: October 10 to November 18, 2011
Time Slot: Mondays to Fridays, 9.30pm
Channel: Astro Channel 921

Senior Forensic chemist Po Kwok Tung (Pro Sir) works very closely with Senior Forensic Pathologist Mandy Chung through the years and are able to reach a deep understanding of each other.

After separating from his lawyer wife, Eva Chow, Pro Sir comes to a realisation that Mandy is the one who knows him best.

On the other hand, Senior Inspector Ling Sin Yee and her subbordinate, Sergeant Wind Lee Chin Fung managed to fall in love in between solving murder cases.

Love also struck the pair of Scientific Evidence officers, Angel Chiang and Ken Ho. Their constant bickering adds a touch of colour to the otherwise grim setting around the murders.

These teams of brilliant experts - forensics, police and the coroner worked together to solve even the toughest of crimes and fight of the rights of the victims.

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