Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kent Cheng and Wayne Lai set for powerful collaboration

TVB new series, The King Maker, held its costume fitting recently. [The Kingmaker] stars two of Hong Kong's biggest talents - Kent Cheng and Wayne Lai.

Kent Cheng Wayne Lai The King Maker TVB

[The King Maker] revolves around the story of the men in the imperial palace. Wayne and Kent will each play the role of the masters of a prince. They will out battle one another and aid their respective prince to become the Emperor.

Wayne shared that the new series will place great focus on the conflicts and struggles between the male characters in the palace, so it is alright not to have any "first-line" actresses in the series. Most importantly, is the good script that will produce good drama.

Wayne explained that he had collaborated with Kent before back in 2009 in The Greatness of a Hero. As such, for this round of collaboration, Wayne feels less pressure. "He’s a person who has very strict standards and does not film TVB series often, so getting the chance to collaborate with him is definitely a rare opportunity. I know that he rejected a lot of series in order to participate in this one – for him to think so highly of me, I’m very happy!" says Wayne.

Sacrificing earnings of over HKD 2 million, Kent turned down many offers so that he has the chance to work with Wayne again. Without any regrets, Kent explained, "If I don’t film the series this year, I may not have time next year. Wayne is TV King so I’m honored that he is willing to collaborate with me – his acting is amazing! If it weren’t for Wayne being in the series, I would not have come back to participate in it. If I had to choose one actor in all of TVB to collaborate with, my number one choice would definitely be Brother Wayne!"

Kent even joked that with such a collaboration, he "may" even earn back his HKD 2 million. Kent adds that although he collaborated with Wayne in [The Greatness of a Hero] two years ago, they did not have many scenes together, so this is the chance for them to battle it out in the new series.

Krystal Tin, Natalie Tong, Pierre Ngo, Chris Lai and Vivien Yeo make up the rest of the cast for this series.

Source: Mingpao with translations by llwy12@

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