Monday, May 30, 2011

Ghetto Justice

Ghetto Justice TVB Drama Astro on Demand

Kevin Cheng as L.A. Law
Myolie Wu as Wong Sze Fu, Kris
Sam Lee as Ting Ka Fu
Jazz Lam as George Mike Jr
Mandy Wong as Cheung Sze Sum
Shek Sau as Cheung Pak Kei
Joyce Tang
Sharon Chan
Eddie Kwan
Stephen Hyunh
Ching Hor Wai
Chun Wong
Kwok Fung

Total Episodes: 20 episodes
Aired Dates: May 30 to June 24, 2011
Time Slot: Mondays to Fridays, 9.30pm
Channel: Astro Channel 921

L.A. Law (or Law Lik Ah) is a noted barrister in Hong Kong's legal circle. However, 7 years ago, he disappeared from the legal circle and nobody knows what had befall him.

L.A. Law used to practice law for the fame and glory it brings but soon realises that everyone is entitled to equal legal representation. As such, together with his cousin, George Mike Jr., and best friend, Ting Ka Fu, L.A. Law sets up a legal practice in Sham Sui Po. Soon, L.A. Law became the "people's hero" in Sham Sui Po as he helped the neighbours fight for their rights and injustice with his unconventional tactics.

Upcoming Barrister, Wong Sze Fu, used to admire and look up to L.A. Law for his invincible performances in court. However upon learning of his present situation, she starts to disregard him for turning himself in to a ghetto lawyer.

Sze Fu's impression of L.A. Law changes once she worked with him on several legal cases and the two inevitably fall in love.

Sze Fu still maintains her dream of becoming a elite barrister. To advance in her career, she takes every opportunity to get close to renowned barrister, Cheung Pak Kei. Unknown to her, Barrister Cheung enjoys getting people in to trouble and Sze Fu is no exception. Not long after, Sze Fu finds herself embroiled in a lawsuit. Having no other option, L.A. Law has to challenge the low to save her.

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