Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma film Return to the Three Kingdoms

Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma were busy filming for TVB new series Return to the Three Kingdoms. The scene was about the army troops training at camp.

Raymond Lam Kenneth Ma Return to the Three Kingdoms

Raymond shared that his character, Chukot Leung is similar to his previous role in The Mysteries of Love, Kingsley. Both the characters talk a lot and Raymond had a tough time handling the scripts. "It's actually quite interesting because Kenneth Ma's lines are very modernized, while mines are so ancient, so the result is quite funny," revealed Raymond. If he had to choose, Raymond said that the script for [TMOL] is more difficult to memorise as there are professional physics terms and jargons to remember.

Raymond also divulged that he is indeed a fan of Three Kingdoms. He used to play the games franchise, and he also studied it in school.

The past month or so was definitely a challenge for Raymond as he was plagued by the "Mavis Pan relationship-photo leakage drama" but this professional artiste continue to work hard and stay focused. "I am just doing my part, I hope that everything will go well," clarified Raymond. After completing the filming for this series, Raymond will focus on his next cantonese album and concert. He revealed that he will not be taking a break as he already had one during the Lunar New Year period but hopes to get some time off later on for a family vacation. " It doesn't matter where we go, I just want to have more time with my family. I hope next year my wish will come true. I already mentioned it to my company," Raymond said.

Kenneth Ma's character is someone who travelled back in time from the modern world. Kenneth and Raymond have collaborated numerous times before and Kenneth has only good things to say about Raymond. Kenneth praised that Raymond is generous for treating them to snacks and drinks. Kenneth also added that Raymond is very professional on set and will not bring his personal problems to work. " didn't notice anything when he goes and leaves work. It's just the public is making the issue big, he is the victim," said Kenneth.

Source: Singtao with translations by aZnangel @ AsianUniverse.net

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