Friday, January 28, 2011

Tavia Yeung films in China, attempts to be evil

Tavia Yeung is currently busy filming a series in China. However this hardworking actress cares about her soon-to-premiere TVB series, The Rippling Blossom. Tavia admits that having the series broadcast during the Chinese New Year period will affect the ratings, but she is optimistic. She adds that the most important thing is that she has a series that is broadcasted.
Tavia Yeung The Rippling Blossom TVB
The last Tavia series was The Mysteries of Love, alongside Raymond Lam. Tavia shares that she has three series with TVB that is still not released yet. As such, she can film in China comfortably and earn some extra income. "This time, I'm collaborating with Patrick Tam in a costume drama, a villain lead actress. This is my first China series," reveals an excited Tavia.
Tavia Yeung The Rippling Blossom TVB
In her China series, which is about battling Concubines, Tavia's role is similar to her character in Beyond the Realm of Conscience. See if I can go to the limit this time, last time in Hong Kong I already got so evil, I may not necessarily be able to do it again, I want to be the evilest one in all of China! says Tavia. Tavia is not worried that her evil role may affect her image as she believes that "Mainland's audience are very rational."

Tavia acknowledges that this time is a good opprtunity to move away from portraying "girl-next-door" type of roles. She also decline suggestions that she is using this opprtunity as a stepping stone to leave TVB for greener pastures. "TVB sent me out to shoot this series, regardless of fame and fortune, it is good for TVB and I. I'm signing with TVB for life!" Tavia clarifies.

Source: Oriental Daily with translations by aZnangel @

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