Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sheren Tang hopes for higher ratings

Sheren Tang Eileen Cha
The second week of TVB anniversary series No Regrets score an average of 31 points, and peaked at 34 points; which is exact same ratings as it's premiere week.

Sheren Tang, who accepted Eileen Cha's interview, was asked for her opinion regarding [NR]'s ratings. [NR] is considered by many to be the competitor to the recently concluded Can't Buy Me Love at this year's TVB Anniversary Awards. Sheren responded, "There is disappointment more or less, but I feel that if series has high ratings does not represent that it's very high quality. It is all accommodated by favorable factors. War and Beauty did not have very high ratings, but was still a city-wide topic."

Sheren was then asked for her opinion about TV King, which sees a tough fight between Sheren's [NR] co-star, Wayne Lai or the lead in [CBML], Moses Chan. Sheren explained that Moses is an actor whom she likes and hope to collaborate with in the future. However, Sheren adds that she did not watch [CBML] and as such it is difficult for her to comment.

Sheren shares that she is still deliberating what series to accept for next year. She would love to film a comedy series but hopes to get a role who is an argumentative woman. She feels that she is still not as good as teresa Mo or Ha Ping in comedies.

Sheren's role as Kau Koo Leung in [NR] has definitely boost her popularity. Recently a magazine re-used Shere's old photo as their cover story. Sheren laughed and says that is very "environmental-friendly". After all they are recycling.

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily with translations by aZnangel@ AsianUniverse.net

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