Thursday, October 21, 2010

No Regrets premiere with 32 points average ratings

TVB Anniversary series No Regrets premiered on Monday, with average ratings of 32 points. Lead actor, Wayne Lai was previously quoted as wishing for a 38-point average on opening night, but alas that was not meant to be. However, No Regrets did better that its predecessor, Rosy Business, which only chalked up a 27-point average.
Wayne Lai Sheren Tang No Regrets TVB
[No Regrets] is highly anticipated by most series fans, after the success of [Rosy Business] the previous year. After the premiere episode, there were many active discussions in online forums and blogs. Many netizens praised the series, but there were also some who were critical.

Some viewers are very sensitive and have great eye for details. As the series was set in Guangzhou in the 1930s, some viewers spotted a few prop flaws, i.e the helmet worn by Evergreen Mak was not used during that period and the police car was also too ahead in time.

Wayne Lai refuted these prop flaws, "TV series has limited resources, we have to find a Guangzhou police car used 70 years ago in HK, that is not something easy to do. It is just like watching opera, when the actors rides a horse, they only hold a riding whip. Would you then request that they actually bring a real live horse on stage to ride on? Having this type of standards for props, it would be difficult to shoot a historical drama."

Wayne expressed that he appreciates viewers feedback and criticisms, but hoped that viewers will pay more attention to the storyline instead of picking on prop flaws. Wayne also clarified about his 38-point rating wish, "38 points is just a wish, the current average rating is 32 points, peaking at 36, it's already a satisfying result. I am feeling positive that the ratings in the future will increase."

It is rumoured that Charmaine Sheh may not be attending this year TVB Anniversary Awards as she will be filming in China, thus "increasing" Sheren Tang's chances of taking home the TV Queen award. Sheren brushed these rumours aside, "How is that related? Why label people who attend will get an award? If Charmaine really wins, TVB will tell her to come back, so this saying is not true." Sheren revealed that she will be in China as well for work commitments, but will return to Hong Kong is the need arises. She also added that she feels normal towards the awards race, as the most important thing is viewers praise and ratings.

Source: Mingpao with translations by aZnangel@

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