Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moses Chan constantly challenges himself

Moses Chan will most likely be in the running for TV King Award again this year at TVB's Anniversary Awards. This time around he will be banking on his character, Kam To Luk in Can't Buy Me Love. Although [CBML] did well and achieved high ratings, Moses still feels that he is not Wayne Lai's opponent and is prepared to surrender. Wayne Lai's new series, No Regrets will premiere on October 18. [No Regrets] is the indirect sequel to last year's Best Series - Rosy Business.

Moses admits his anticipation for [No Regrets] and says that viewers should watch it too. Moses admits that he wants to win as many awards as he can but when he is up against Wayne, he just need to prep himself to lose.

Moses is constantly challenging himself to take on newer roles. He will be filming a new series alongside veteran Adam Cheng and Moses will take on the role of a serial killer. Moses is looking forward to working with Adam and hopes that this new partnership will have sparks.

The entertainment industry is constantly changing and evolving. Newcomers join the industry daily and one has to change if not left behind. That being said, Moses is not worried but claims that it's a good thing. "I am fortunate to have them around, otherwise there will be faults. The people in the past moved slowly, if there wasn't the new generation then nothing can succeed. A TV station is not supported by just one or two people," explains Moses.

Moses expresses that the industry will blossom with the new generation of actors. As the saying goes, new wave push the old wave!

Moses shares that he still get movie offers but he turns them down as he has left the movie scene a long time ago. He admits that unless the the movie gives him a really good feeling, he will not be taking part. Moses reveals that he is getting more jobs and he is really flourishing in the year of the Tiger.

Source: Singtao with translations by aZnangel@

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