Friday, October 29, 2010

Jessica Hsuan stresses the need for safety measures when filming

Jessica Hsuan, Myolie Wu and Vivien Yeo attended a dinner to wrap up the filming of TVB new series The King among the Phoenixes. Jessica explains that the series has not officially finished filming as there is still one last scene to be filmed - a burning house scene.
Jessica Hsuan Myolie Wu Vivien Yeo The King among the Phoenixes
As Taiwanese pop group S.H.E's Selina Ren was recently injured while filming an explosion scene for a TV series in Shanghai, Jessica shares her concern. "When we heard the word fire, we were especially worried, we have to be careful. Before when I was filming a series, there was a glass breaking scene, that time I used a stunt double to help me do it, the martial artist got burnt and was sent to the hospital," reveals Jessica.

Vivien adds that when her boyfriend heard that she has to film a scene that involves fire, he was very worried about her safety.

After the filming for this series wraps, Myolie will only have a few days of break before going to Chengdu, China to film a new series with Bosco Wong.

Source: with translations by aZnangel@

Note: Selina was flown back to Taipei from Shanghai to undergo further treatment. She suffered 3rd degree burns on over 30% of her body when explosives went off earlier than scheduled, injuring her and co-star, Yu Hao Ming.

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