Friday, October 15, 2010

Felix Wong hailed as the "dark horse" in the TV King battle

The competition for 2010 TVB Anniversary Awards is heating up. The top favourites this year are the duo from Can't Buy Me Love, Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh battling the duo (and also last year's winning pair) of Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang from No Regrets.

However, Felix Wong is now thrown into the race after being hailed as the dark horse by his co-star from Gun Metal Grey, Michael Miu. Even Moses Chan has praises for Felix and admits that the competition is fierce.

On Monday (October 18), TVB will hold its 43 Annual Lighting Ceremony. At this event the list of nominees for the upcoming Anniversary Awards will also be announced. Many fans and viewers anticipate that the leads from No Regrets, Wayne and Sheren will lead the nomination list and build the momentum leading up to the awards. TVB is heavily promoting No Regrets making the series and its cast a strong contender for the awards.

Nonetheless, Can't Buy Me Love also has its strengths. Although the series has ended its run, it is the highest rated series in 2010 to date. It also stars the winner of 2007's TV King, Moses Chan and 2006's TV Queen, Charmaine Sheh. The strong battle between Can't Buy Me Love and No Regrets reminded viewers and fans of last year's battle between Beyond the Realm of Conscience and Rosy Business.

Producer Lee Tim Sing, who is the producer for No Regrets, openly pledges his support for Wayne and Sheren, pointing out that this award winning duo have a strong chance of taking the awards in two consequtive years! "I saw Charmaine’s performance in Can't Buy Me Love, she has definitely improved a lot, however in terms of acting, it’s hard to compete with Sheren. I think there is a huge chance that this year’s TV King and Queen will be a ‘repeat’ of last year," says Producer Lee.

Source: Mingpao with translations by llwy12@

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