Sunday, August 22, 2010

Can't Buy Me Love

Can't Buy Me Love TVB Drama Astro on Demand

Charmaine Sheh as Princess Chew Yeung
Moses Chan as Kam Tor Luk
Raymond Wong as Kam Tor Sau
Louis Yuen as Kam Tor Fuk
Susanna Kwan as Ting Lor Hei
Linda Chung as Ng Sei Tai
Fala Chen as Szeto Ngan Ping
Kenneth Ma as Ting yau Wai
Selena Li
Sharon Chan
Tracy Ip
Susan Tse
Lee Heung Kam
Mary Hon
Lee Kwok Lun
Kara Hui
Matthew Ko
Edwin Siu
Yoyo Chen
Elaine Yiu

Total Episodes: 32 episodes
Aired Dates: August 23 to October 3, 2010
Time Slot: Mondays to Fridays, 9.30pm
Channel: Astro Channel 921

Princess Chew Yeung is the 3rd of 5 princess, daughter of Emperor Taizhong. She was arranged to marry a Tibetan prince against her wishes. The only way out for her was to look for another suitor as soon as possible. The proprietress of a gold store, Tong Lor Hei recommends her second son, Kam Tor Luk and third son, Kam Tor Sau as candidates. Madam Ting hopes that the marriage with the Princess will bring them out of their financial troubles and save their family business.

Tor Luk doesn't want his brother to marry the willful and bratty Princess, as such he "sacrifices" himself and assumes the responsibility of marrying Princess Chew Yeung.

After their marriage, Princess Chew Yeung remains as bratty as before. As she is a member of the royal family, she expects the Kams to treat her with respect including Tor Luk's mother and grandmother.

Princess Chew Yeung was granted a handmaiden by the Empress Dowager, Szeto Ngan Ping who doubles as a bodyguard. Szeto Ngan Ping is haughty and has no regard for anyone as she has the blessing from Princess Chew Yeung. She even fight back against Ting Yau wai, who is the Emperor-elect matchmaker.

The Kams have had enough of Princess Chew Yeung and Szeto Ngam Ping's antics. They decide to group together and fight against her. However, what surprises the Kams the most was that their vivacious house maid, Ng Sei Tak, decides to take the side of the unreasonable Princess.

After back and forth bickering between the 2 sides with no solution in sight, the matter finally caught the attention of the Emperor. Can the Emperor salvage the marriage of his favourite Princess? Marrying a princess is suppose to bring honour to the family but for the Kams, all that glitter is not always gold.

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