Monday, July 12, 2010

A Pillow Case of Mystery 2

A Pillow Case of Mystery 2 TVB Drama Astro on Demand

Bobby Au Yeung as Sze Sai Lun
Jessica Hsuan as Ng Kwan Yau
Leila Tong as Luk Siu Tip
Johnson Lee as Ngau Tai Lik

Total Episodes: 21 episodes
Aired Dates: July 12 to August 7, 2010
Time Slot: Mondays to Fridays, 8.30pm
Channel: Astro Channel 901

Sze Sai Lun has lost hope with the political world after an extreme change in his life. He now spends most of his time travelling around looking for fun. During his travels, he meets a spirit medium Ng Kwan Yau, who is entangled in a mysterious murder case.

Sai Lun does not have the intention to intervene initially, but with the help of a "pillow spirit", Ngau Tai Lik, Sai Lun manages to solve the case and prove Kwan Yau's innocense. Through Kwan Yau's case, Sai Lun managed to regain his confidence and vowed to resume his fight for justice.

As time passed by, Sai Lun and Kwan Yau begin to fall in love. Sai Lun decides to let go of his past and marries Kwan Yau. Sai Lun enjoy his married life but is frustrated at work occasionally. The power of the "pillow spirit" is not as strong and at times provide Sai Lun with misleading clues.

Sai Lun begins to suspect that Kwan Yau is hiding something from him and there may be a malicious scheme behind their marriage. Sai Lun's mother found him a new wife, Luk Siu Tip, after knowing that his marriage with Kwan Yau has failed. However, Siu Tip also comes into the Sze household with ill intentions.

Sai Lun finds himsself trapped in a complex world beyond his comprehension.

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Anonymous said...

This show is pretty much SCOOBY DOO with a freaking pillow as the Dog... The formula is pretty much the same as well. It always end with the line, "and i would have gotten away too if you guys didn't catch me" Argh, how did it get so much viewership? Oh, i know, because guys like me who think the show's retarded, still watched the whole thing... sigh... TVB, please stop making crack. At a certain point these shows are just addictive because of it's brain melting escapism capabilities, and not because of entertainment value.