Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hong Kong in Summer 2010

Hong Kong Nathan Road Golden Mile

I'm off to Hong Kong again tomorrow! W00t W00t!! Well, this time around I'll be doing less sight-seeing and more shopping. Whee!

Places in my must-go list include Lan Kwai Fong (just to have a look, also because I missed it in my previous trip), got to try the famed Yung Kei, not to mention the many char chan teng with si mat lai cha (milk tea) and sai tor si (toasts)! Yum!! I'm salivating all over my keyboard already.

I'll also be visiting Shenzhen which is just a border cross away from Hong Kong. And I'll be crossing over at Lowu which is the border crossing that was featured in The Threshold of a Persona


Pat said...

Ha. You are like me. Love hk and love visiting tvb sites

Howie said...

Lol, that is awesome hope you're having fun in HK!! I love HK!