Thursday, April 1, 2010

Producer Nelson Cheung talks about his work

TVB has many producers who worked tirelessly behind the scenes and Nelson Cheung is one of them. Nelson has been involved in the industry for over 30 years. Some of Nelson's recent productions include You're Hired and D.I.E.

Producer Nelson Cheung TVB
Since young, Producer Nelson loves to watch comedies. The rapid development of the Hong Kong film industry has given Nelson the opportunity to get into productions and film work. He started his career at ATV in 1979 where he was a PA and subsequently promoted to director 2 years later. In 1985, Producer Nelson moved over to rival station TVB and was promoted to the role of Producer in 1989.

Nelson's productions One Step beyond, Love is Beautiful, Dicey Business as well as D.I.E and You're Hired moves his ahead of his peers and earned him a good reputation in the industry.

Producer Nelson is also adventurous and dares to create different yet interesting roles in his series. Back in 1991, he took a gamble and cast Dicky Cheung and Derek Wan for his comedy One Step Beyond. The gamble paid off when the pairing of Dicky and Derek left memorable impressions in viewers minds. More recently, he took another risk and cast TVB darling, Charmaine Sheh opposite Dayo Wong in You're Hired. This fresh pairing was such a tremendous success that left audiences asking for more.

Dayo Wong You're Hired TVB
Nelson gave credit to Dayo for the success of his partnership with Charmaine. He was full of praise for Dayo, "I really admire Dayo Wong. He is one talented performer and he is very hard working. Every time he does a series, he would do a lot of homework for it. From TV series to stand up comedy, he is the best. He is a very generous person, whatever new ideas he thinks of, he'll definitely share it with others. When filming series, he doesn't know that his acting is good, but he would look after other artistes, getting into character together."

Charmaine Sheh You're Hired TVB
Not forgetting Charmaine's effort and contribution, Nelson also gave her credit, "Charmaine, although she's one of the most popular actresses, but she really uses her heart to act. Not only does she fulfill the producer's requirements well, but many times she would give you many surprises along with it. So Dayo and Charmaine both give off good sparks. I also discovered that Charmaine really does have good comedy acting skills."

Nelson was also asked to comment on the rising crop of fadans and siusangs in TVB. He feels that Kenneth Ma's acting is solid while Tavia Yeung is contantly improving. "Tavia Yeung is like a military worker. Maybe it's because whatever role you give her, she will put all her effort into it for you, I have seen her improving all along."

Source: Oriental Daily, with translations by aZnangel

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