Thursday, December 10, 2009

New TV King and Queen celebrate win with fans and friends

Wayne Lai brought home three awards from TVB Anniversary Awards while his partner in Rosy Business, Sheren Tang took home the prestigious TV Queen title. After winning, the pair accepted an exclusive interview as well as a photoshoot for a magazine cover.

Wayne Lai Sheren Tang Rosy Business

Although they only left TVB City well after 2am, there are still fans waiting for them at the entrance of TVB City! Wayne even had fans who flew in from Mainland China and Taiwan. They greeted him with banners (proclaiming that they are from the Chai Gau gang), flowers and even champagne. Sheren also has her share of fans. She was very touched by their kind gestures and to repay their kindness, she took photos with them as well as signing autographs that they requested. Sheren did not forget to dedicate the TV Queen (Best Actress) award to her fans.

Wayne Lai Rosy Business
Sheren Tang Rosy Business

From TVB City, Wayne and Sheren adjourned to a hotpot restaurant in Tsim Sar Tsui, where fellow Rosy Business cast mate, Kara Hui treated them (plus the cast and crew of RB) to a hotpot meal. Among those attended were Nancy Wu, Susan Tse (who picked up Best Supporting Actress award) and producer, Lee Tim Sing.

The cast did not mind the presence of reporters and even gave them free reign to take all the photos they wanted. The RB team only left the hotpot restaurant close to 5am.

Wayne had to report to work at 6.30am but he made a request to report for work later around 8 or 9 am. He requested to have an hour of shut eye. Wayne revealed that his wife and fans made a special photobook for him with thoughtful messages from family members, friends, fans and netizens.

Source: Takungpao, Oriental Daily (images) with translations by aZnangel @

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