Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Born Rich male leads an obstacle for Wayne Lai

Last night was the annual Lighting Ceremony for TVB. After which, the 2 blockbuster drama series, Beyond the Realm of Conscience and Born Rich premiered.

The annual TVB Anniversary Awards was pushed back this year to December. The reason for the postponement - no one knows for sure. However, there were speculations that the postponement was to enable the cast for both Beyond the Realm of Conscience and Born Rich to compete in the awards.

This year Rosy Business fared well during its broadcast. The 2 leads, Shereen Tang and Wayne Lai are speculated to be taking home the awards for Best Actress and Best Actor. That was before Beyond the Realm of Conscience and Born Rich premiered. Now netizens seem to be caught in a dilemma, they are spoilt for choice for their ideal TV King & TV Queen.
Cast of Born Rich
Cast of Born Rich at a Promo event

The male leads of Born Rich are hot favourites to challenge Wayne Lai for the Best Actor award while the female leads of Beyond the Realm of Conscience are giving Shereen Tang a run for her money for best Actress.

Last year's winner, Michelle Yim pledges her full support for Shereen Tang. " I already had my year, besides supporting Tavia Yeung and Charmaine Sheh [from Beyond the Realm of Conscience], I also really support Shereen Tang. If I really had to choose, I would choose Shereen, she has really worked hard in the recent years. Of course the other two did as well, but these three are going neck to neck," says Michelle.

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