Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Heaven and Earth Costume Fitting

TVB's latest series When heaven Burns [Heaven and Earth] held its costume fitting recently at TVB City in Tseung Kwan O. The cast for this much awaited series include Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Bowie Lam, Kenny Wong and Maggie Siu. With the exception of Charmaine, the rest of the main cast worked together in last year's mega-production, The Gem of Life. Heaven and Earth will be produced by Chik Kei Yee.

Heaven and Earth TVB drama

The story of Heaven and Earth is about four friends who got lost in a snowy mountain. For survival, the three friends have no choice but to kill their injured friend and eat his flesh. Producer Chik explained that although the series has hints of cannibalism, it won't be explored in detail as he is worried that the series may not get approval from the Broadcasting Authority.

Heaven and Earth TVB drama Bowie Lam Kenny Wong Moses Chan

Moses, Bowie and Kenny are band members while Charmaine's role is a DJ. The deceased friend is Charmaine's former boyfriend. Moses revealed that he used to play the guitar when he was very young. Kenny also has the experience of playing the guitar when he was in school, while Bowie plays the drums.

Heaven and Earth TVB drama

Moses shared that he did some research on the web for his role. He learned a lot about cannibalism. Moses also revealed that his character is a strong and fit person who enjoys Thai boxing. "I have a fighting scene with a Thai boxer, I am training to be fit and I have successfully lost 10 pounds in weight already," explained Moses.

Heaven and Earth TVB drama Charmaine Sheh Moses Chan

Charmaine made some sacrifices and cut her hair short for her role. She explained, "This is all for Ah Chik, when I had my hair cut yesterday, I felt like crying. That reminds me of the last time when I had to cut my hair for the series Always Ready."

Heaven and Earth TVB drama Maggie Siu

Maggie's character is someone who gets cheated by Moses, financially and emotionally! Maggie shared that she is lucky in real life not to have met such a person. She also added that she remain single out of choice and not out of fear of being cheated on.

Note: Heaven and Earth is now known as When Heaven Burns.

Source: Takungpao, MingPao, Weiwenpo with translations by R.E.D @
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