Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Damian Lau and co-stars promote new series

TVB new drama In the Chamber of Bliss will be replacing D.I.E. Again beginning September 21. The cast of the series came together recently to promote it. Among those who appeared at the promo function include Damian Lau, Kenneth Ma, Toby Leung and Krystal Tin. The female leads could not make it to the event. Kathy Chow was away in Beijing while Angela Tong felt unwell. The cast were split into two groups by gender and members of the audience were picked to join the cast for games.

In the Chamber of Bliss TVB Drama

Speaking to reporters, Damian revealed that he has recently completed a TVB and Shanghai collaboration drama series Growing Through Life. Damian also shared that he had a great time working with Kathy Chow in this series.

In the Chamber of Bliss is Toby Leung's first pre-modern drama. She plays Damian's daughter in the series and explains that Damian has high expectations. She shares that she would get a feeling of accomplishment when Damian gives her a nod of approval after they have completed a scene.

Source: Wenweipo with translations by aZnangel @

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