Monday, May 11, 2009

To Grow with Love

To Grow with Love TVB Drama 8TV

Myolie Wu as Tina Ho Mei Tin
Andy Hui as Daniel Dai Hei
Selena Li as Maggie Kwok
Chun Wong as Ho Nim Heung
Claire Yiu as Rachel Sung
Matthew Ko as Matthew Chiang
Kenneth Ma as Mak Ka Fai

Total Episodes: 21 episodes
Aired Dates: May 7 to June 4, 2009
Time Slot: Mondays to Fridays, 7.00pm
Channel: 8TV (Malaysian Free TV)

Tina is an overweight, single woman who believes in love and is determined to find her soulmate. Her father, Nim Heung, is a wealthy businessman in Philippines. He is worried that Tina will have problems getting married due to her physical appearance. He tries to set her up with a man he approves of. However, Tina disagrees with her father's choice of husband for her and runs off to Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, life is different for Tina. The people in Hong Kong undergo a faster paced lifestyle compared to the Philippines. Fei Tin chanced upon Daniel, a fashion designer, on her flight to Hong Kong and ends up working for him. Daniel hates Tina and constantly makes fun of her especially about her overweight figure.

Daniel is a perfectionist and believes that appearances are everything. People who could not manage their own appearances are not to be trusted with anyhting important. Tina and Daniel are complete opposites. However, a strange turn of events brings these two people closer than ever.

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