Monday, May 18, 2009

Sheren Tang's chances at TVB Anniversary Awards look dim

Sheren Tang Rosy Business TVB

Sheren Tang was a guest in Stephen Chan's Be My Guest program. Reporters asked Stephen if he would give Sheren the Best Actress award at this year's TVB Anniversary Awards as she has lost out on that award back in 2004. Stephen says that it's still too early to discuss the awards. "There is a new concept for the TVB Anniversary Awards. We are planning to see whether we could postpone the Ceremony until the end of December instead," Stephen adds. Reporters were quick to point out that the postponement is unfair to Sai Nai Nai (Sheren's character in Rosy Business) as it would be such a long wait. However, Stephen assures everyone present that they will promote the series again when the time comes.

Sheren Tang Rosy Business TVB

Sheren adds that we are still in the first half of the year and there are still many unaired dramas. Sheren explains, "I am already very satisfied to have been able to film Rosy Business. Since 2004, it's no longer a matter to me. Awards will not give me any pressure. Stephen says if he was to give Sheren the Best Actress title, she would not be happy. "It would also mean the awards are fixed and Sheren is the type of person that like fairness. She hates things that are set," Stephen explains.

Stephen also reveals that Born Rich and Beyond the Realm of Conscience will most likely be TVB Anniversary series for 2009.

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