Thursday, May 28, 2009

Raymond Lam helps promote Orbis Campaign

Raymond Lam Orbis

Raymond Lam is the ambassador for Orbis Eye Health. He made an appearance in Kowloon to officiate the opening ceremony for Orbis' latest campaign - Orbis Pin Campaign 2009. Raymond shares that he is shortsighted but his power is not very high. As such he would choose not to undergo Lasik Surgery. Raymond also has the chance to observe how eye surgery is performed.

Raymond is currently busy rehersing for his upcoming Let's Get Wet concert at the Coliseum. Raymond also teased fans that he will make an appearance in an "airy attire" at the concert.

Besides rehearsing for the concert, Raymond is also busy filming. "I’m still filming, therefore, I am working-out moderately. But I do hope that by then I will be able to flaunt a somewhat Summer Feel to everyone. Moreover, this is a new experience for me having a show at the Coliseum, I’m pretty sure there will be surprises in store," explains Raymond.

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