Monday, April 6, 2009

Kenneth Ma plays around in Man in Charge

Man in Charge starts its run today. The cast, Kenneth Ma, Kate Tsui, Leila Tong and Matthew Ko attended an event to promote the drama series. Kate and Kenneth, who plays a married couple in the series, were dressed on traditional wedding costumes. Members of the press request that the pair kiss for the camera and the sporting pair obliged by puckering their lips together and pretend to smooch.

Kenneth Ma Kate Tsui Man in Charge

Man in Charge will see Kate displaying martial art moves. She hopes that the ratings for Man in Charge will surpass the record of her previous collaboration with Kenneth, Speech of Silence. Kenneth echoes Kate's wishes and hopes that Man in Charge will replicate the success of Speech of Silence, which averaged at 30 points in ratings.

Kenneth Ma Kate Tsui Man in Charge

Man in Charge will also see Kenneth entangle himself in a love triangle with Kate and Leila. Kenneth jokes that he is indeed a true player in the series. Reporters took the chance to ask Kenneth who is the better dancer - Kate or rumoured girlfriend Nancy Wu. Kenneth replies, "I do not know, both ladies have two different styles. Maybe Kate dances better! I have only seen Nancy dance when we partnered on the dancing program. She doesn’t dance for me to see on a normal basis!"

Kenneth Ma Kate Tsui Man in Charge

Kenneth and Matthew Ko will be singing the theme for Man in Charge. Kenneth clarifies that he has no plans to venture into the music industry. However he doesn't mind collaborating in a TVB produced album.

Source: Wenweipo with translations by Jayne
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