Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jessica Hsuan: Sunny Chan is the best man ever!

Just Love II is scheduled to take over the 8.30pm time slot from Man In Charge next week. Recently, the cast attended the drama's promotional event held at Hong Kong Disneyland. Jessica Hsuan and Sunny Chan reprise their roles as the very just judge, Hei Man and devoted husband, Kot Kwok Kwong respectively.

Jessica Hsuan Sunny Chan Just Love 2

At the event, Jessica and Sunny played games and were very much absorb into the game until they even shared a kiss. Jessica explains that Sunny is "the best man ever" and it's comfortable to be with him. Although Sunny is already married, Jessica is not afraid that their close bond will generate unnecessary rumours. Jessica admits that she is a little envious of Sunny's wife as she is able to marry a man as good as Sunny! Jessica also shares that she is currently not dating and her friends commented that she has high standards. She will leave the matters of the heart to fate.

Patrick Tang Selena Li Just Love II

Patrick Tang and Selena Li, who play husbands and wife in the drama, are rumoured to be dating in real life for years. They avoided each other when playing games, but Patrick accidentally kissed Selena's chest area during one of the gaming rounds. Reporters teased the two of them saying that they appear as though they are on a reality show. Patrick tells reporters present that he wishes to earn more money first before settling down.

Source: Mingpao with translations by aZnangel @

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