Monday, January 5, 2009

Kevin Cheng and Linda Chung shares the same new year wish

Kevin Cheng, Linda Chung and Kate Tsui attended a New Year event to welcome 2009. Each artistes have their own group of fans cheering them on. Kevin and Linda have the same new year's resolution. Both hope that there will be less rumours circulating about them in the new year. Meanwhile, Kate hopes that everyone can accept her as a singer as she will be entering the music industry soon.

Kater Tsui Linda Chung Kevin Cheng

Reporters asked Kevin if he received any new year sms wishes from Charmaine Sheh. Kevin explained that he seldom send text messages and would prefer to call. He also mentioned that he did not receive any sms wish from Charmaine but if he does, he will call her back to thank her, the same way he treats all his friends.

Kevin hopes that there will be less rumours in 2009 and wishes for good health and smooth sailing career. Kevin will be filming 2 drama series in 2009.

Linda shared that rumoured boyfriend, Raymond Lam, and her did not meet up to countdown to the new year. Linda revealed that 2008 was a prosperous year for her and is worried that she may not be able to maintain that in the new year.

Source: Mingpao with translations by aZnangel @

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