Monday, December 1, 2008

The Gem of Life cast has confidence series ratings will improve

The cast of The Gem of Life - Bowie Lam, Moses Chan and Ada Choi, sailed out to sea on a yacht hoping to increase the ratings for this TVB anniversary series. They sailed all the way to Lamma Island for promo activities. Last week, the average ratings of The Gem of Life were dismal, not managing to surpass 30 points.

Cast The gem of Life TVB

At Lamma Island, the three stars managed to attract the attention of local residents and tourists alike, who took the opportunity to take photos with their idols. The weather was cold, yet Ada was dressed in a tank top. When questioned by reporters, Ada said, "it's not cold. The sun is shining. Miss Hong Kongs aren't afraid of the cold."

Ada Choi with Fans The gem of Life TVB

On a serious note, Ada said although the ratings of the drama series is not high, the team has confidence. She explained that the drama needs to be watched over a period of time and it will only get better. Ada said netizens have been calling her by her character's name - Jessica Hong, and revealed that seasoned Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong praised her acting in The Gem of Life. She was happy that people in the entertainment industry are taking notice of her talents and hailed The Gem of Life as her representative piece. Ada had once said that she will give birth once she has produced a representative piece. When asked about this, Ada replied, "If the rating are high, then I'll give birth. I'll give birth to a piece of pork lah. If we reach 40 points, then yes. Maybe I'll give birth to a little tiger baby. We have confidence."

Ada Choi, Bowie lam, Moses Chan The gem of Life TVB

Bowie Lam is not disappointed with the ratings of the series. He is aware that his character, Calvin Ko, is well liked by viewers. Moses Chan also explained that he has confidence the ratings will improve later on. He also clarified that one cannot compare Moonlight Resonance with The Gem of Life. "The Gem of Life focuses on the courses of life, while the characters in "Moonlight Resonance" are more simple," explained Moses.

Source: Mingpao with translations by mv_288 @
Photos credits: Mingpao, Oriental Daily

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