Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tavia Yeung expected win at TVB Anniversary Awards

Tavia Yeung, fresh from her win at the recent TVB Anniversary Awards, went to Dongguan to promote luxury homes themed 'Little Hong Kong'. At the promo event, she also played games with the audience as well as sang a song 'Lifetime beauty' (originally sung by Sammi Cheng). Tavia talked about her recent win, "Being able to win the Best Supporting award is actually not a surprise. However, before, I also feel that there are a lot of unpredictable things in this world. Finally being able to win it, I’m really happy."

Tavia Yeung and Joe Ma

Tavia once again emphasized her respect for veteran Lee Heung Kam. "In my heart, Kam Jeh is the best, I respect her a lot. She is the Best Supporting Actress in my heart. I also sincerely hope she will get an award," Tavia said. When Tavia was questioned about her choice of dress for the awards night, Tavia laughed and said, "Because the Anniversary Night is an important event, so I specially choose a glamorous and sexy dress." Tavia further revealed that she will start filming a modern series at the end of the year but her character for the series is still unconfirmed.

Source: tavia.org with translation by Akazukin @ AsianFanatics.net

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