Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Raymond Lam has enough confidence

Raymond Lam revealed that his outfits for TVB Anniversary Award night are sponsored, as is the case with most celebs. He has selected a few sets which he will wear on the big night.

Raymond Lam and Samuel Chan
Raymond Lam and Samuel Chan at an event

Ha Yu, dubbed Raymond's strongest competitor for the sought-after TV King Award, expressed that he is confident in himself. Ha Yu also jokingly add that he would vote for Stephen Chan. Rumours about Ha Yu already signed a contract with TVB is also spreading around.

Raymond assures fans and supporters that he also has confidence in himself. He thinks that regardless Ha Yu signed a contract with TVB or not, there won't be any implications on the award as they are two very different matters. Raymond states his choices for the TV Queen award - Susanna Kwan and Michelle Yim. He said the reasons he supports Susanna was because she has good memory and he has numerous scenes with her. As for Michelle, Raymond thinks she took on the villain role really well for someone who usually plays a good person. Raymond also praised Lee Si Kei for being a good actress.

Source: Mingpao with original translations by mv_288 @

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