Monday, November 17, 2008

No surprises at TVB 41st Anniversary Awards

The 41st TVB Anniversary Awards was held on Saturday Night. The night's biggest winners were Ha Yu and Michelle Yim who managed to snag the Best Actor and Best Actress Award respectively.

Ha Yu and Michelle Yim TVB 41st Anniversary Awards

In his acceptance speech, Ha Yu said he has waited 40 years for this award. Ha Yu, who was almost in tears, said "I have waited for 40 years. I did a lot of movies and TV series. At last I have achieved what I have always wanted. I need to thank 'Uncle 6' (Sir Run Run Shaw). He has been my boss since I started my acting life." Ha Yu ended his speech with a line borrowed from Sa Yee in Moonlight Resonance - If you say I can make it, I will make it. If you say I can't, then I won't make it!

Michelle Yim said when she accepted the role of Hung Yee, she didn't expect that she would be the most hated woman in all Hong Kong in 2008! But that happened and that also won her the Best Actress Award. Almost in tears, Michelle thanked her boyfriend, Wan Chi Keung, her family and friends for their support. She also expressed her disbelief that she is competing for this award even at her age.

Wayne Lai, who walked the red carpet with Michelle Yim, won the Best Supporting Actor Award. Everyone cheered for Wayne when his name was announced. Wayne has been repeatedly nominated but has failed to win until Saturday night when fortunes were turned.

Tavia Yeung Yi TVB 41st Anniversary Awards

Tavia Yeung, a favourite of viewers for her role as Yuet in Moonlight Resonance, beat veteran Lee Heung Kam for the Best Supporting Actress Award. The first thing Tavia did when accepting her award was to acknowledge Lee Heung Kam and asked the audience to give her a round of applause.

Lee Si Kei, winner of Best Actress in 2007, won the Favourite Female Character award for her role as Hor Ma. Raymond Lam picked up the male version of the same award, Favourite Male Character, for his role as Goon Ga Zai. Raymond also picked up the TVB.Com award for having the most readers to his TVB Blog.

Paul Chun TVB 41st Anniversary Awards

Paul Chun, a TVB veteran was honoured for his work. he was given the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the industry. Paul joked that he was afraid that he would be asked to retire after being given this award. Paul stressed that he loves to act and acting is part and parcel of his life. He wishes to continue acting for another 10 years at least and said maybe by that time TVB could give him another award.

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