Thursday, October 23, 2008

When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West

When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West

Liza Wang as Chong Fung Yi
Joe Ma as Poon Muk Hing / Poon Cheuk Hing
Charmaine Sheh as Yip Heung Ching
Raymond Wong as Poon Cheuk Wah
Selena Li as Fong Bo Kei

Total Episodes: 30 episodes
Aired Dates: October 27 to December 14, 2008
Time Slot: Mondays to Fridays, 8.30pm
Channel: Astro Channel 901

West Gate (Sai Guan) is Guangzhou's most prosperous area and only Guangzhou's wealthiest live there. East Gate (Tung Guan) is where high-ranking military officials has been living since the end of Qing dynasty. Living in the western-styled house is a symbol of power for the military officials.

West Gate Ladies are rich young ladies who are highly educated and cultured. East Gate Master, are young masters who have further their studies abroad. Both the West Gate Ladies and East Gate Masters are perceived by society as outstanding people, therefore mutual admiration and love is expected by the society. However, does happiness really exist in this supposed 'perfect match'?

Yip Heung Ching is born in West Gate and hails from a prominent family. Unfortunately, her father passed away when she was a little girl. All she has left is an older brother, Heung Yeung. they are both young and inexperienced, and soon they find themselves heavily in debt. Heung Ching and Heung Yeung have to fend for themselves by selling porridge at Lai Wan. Busy fending for a living, the last thing on Heung Ching's mind is a love relationship, that is until she met Poon Cheuk Wah. It is obvious that there are disparities in their social standings and background. Cheuk Wah's mother, Chong Fung Yi, objects their relationship and tries to break them up in every possible way.

Cheuk Wah later marries Bo Kei but couldn't forget Heung Ching straining his relationship with his new wife. It turns out that Bo Kei, a young heiress, has another sweetheart - a gangster named Kwan Ho Cheung. Due to the differences in their status, they also have to part ways. However after Bo Kei marries Cheuk Wah, she slowly understands the meaning of true love.

Muk Hing, hails from a humble background and works for the Poons as their driver. Muk Hing's real identity was revealed when Cheuk Wah met with an accident. Muk Hing also helped Heung Ching to set up her own teahouse business and both fell in love.

Soon the Poon family runs into trouble, more than Cheuk Wah and Fung Yi could handle. Muk Hing seizes the chance to restore the family's prestige. But to do that, he has to sacrifise his loved ones - the woman he loves, his family and his friends! Is it all worth it?

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